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Clover Overboard is a 5-piece, female-fronted Celtic rock band with a heavy dose of pop punk. Their songs are energetic, stomp-worthy, and downright catchy. 

Long BIO

Clover Overboard is a 5-piece Celtic-rock/pop punk band based in Lethbridge, Alberta. Inspired by the gravelly stylings of the Dropkick Murphy's and Flogging Molly, they present a petite blonde frontwoman who goes by Alice the Malice (Alexanne). She steers away from "pretty" vocal styles and instead leans loud. Her songwriting gives Clover Overboard a unique sound that's filled with dramatic tempo changes and earworm melodies. 

Their sound is made whole through many instruments and talents. Lead guitarist Megan Schritt effortlessly fills their songs with sounds that make you tilt your head and say "Oooo, damn!" Then there's Rabbyt, the essential drummer who grew up on pop punk (and it shows).


In August of 2023, their sound filled out even more as they secured the incredibly talented fiddle player Alina Khvatova (like, orchestra level) and bass player Nolan Musch. She ads essential dreamy Celtic vibes while he injects subtle funk that works so well. 


The band plays a select few covers chosen to please the crowd while the rest of their set is original songs. If determination means anything, this is one band to watch.


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